How it Works

Minimum Criteria:

These are the minimum criterias required to play:

  • Sportsmanship
  • Eager to have Fun & Win
  • Have a Vdarts Dartboard: H2, H2L OR H3L
  • (You can purchase one, refer to Keypoint 3, below)
  • Good Internet connection 2Mbps
  • Be a Registered Member
  • Age Restriction: 16
  • Get registered quickly

    In order to become a member, and partake in the tournaments (PlayDartsOnline), you need to start by clicking on the BECOME A MEMBER. All you need is to provide the required information, by following the steps.


    Just Send Us an Email OR Facebook Message (PlayDartsOnline Page OR Members Page), with the following details:

  • Your name & Surname
  • Your location & Address
  • Type of Dartboard you want
  • Number of Darts & Plastic tips that you want
  • From here our team, will provide you with the payment options and necessary details

    Basic Tournament overview

    The end Goal, is for you to eventually qualify for the GRAND FINAL TOURNAMENT, where prizes will be awarded to the top players!

    Once you’re a member, there will be tournaments throughout the year, that you can subscribe too, which will take place on a weekly & Monthly basis, scheduled in advance, which will be posted on our Facebook page & Website! The GRAND FINAL TOURNAMENT, are the Top X Number of players (Dependent on number of members listed, yearly), who made it this far. The top 3 players of the GRAND FINAL TOURNAMENT, stand a chance to win a prize.

    Tournament Scheduling overview


    This will be scheduled in a manner, that makes it possible for players across the World to partake in the tournament, considering the various time zones.

    Tournament Prizes:


    Prizes will Vary depending on the tournament. Each tournament will have a regulation to abide by, which will state types of prizes, OR if there are no prizes associated with that particular tournament.

    Anti-Cheating Overview


    PlayDartsOnline, will require members/Players to record the games, and keep it for a short period of time (Refer to the Regulation for further information), in order for players to open a dispute and submit the videos to Playdarts Online as evidence, for cases where their opponent tried to cheat! Depending on the case, this could lead to Immediate Membership Dismissal (without any sort of refund), OR simply a tournament/game disqualification.