Go to our website, click on the members area, and create your account, by following the steps:

LINK: Registration
Subscribe to a paid tournament. Once you have subscribed you need to process the payment through PayPal OR whatever payment method has been provided for that specific tournament.
Payment details will also be provided in the tournament description.
Click on link below to view a video showing you step by step, on how to do PayPal payment!

LINK: How do i make payment?
It’s the name your opponent’s sees during online gameplay.
This is also shown, when you log into your Vdarts app: First name displayed from top to bottom
Following the example screenshot shown below, Nickname: ShaunT

1) Login your account playdartsonline.
2) Click on tournaments Tab
3) Click Tournaments
4) Choose tournament
5) Click Subscribe
6) Click ok

LINK: How to subscribe for a tournament?
All communications between players (Schedule your match, Disputes & Tournament related) should always be done through messenger on playdartsonline.com or via Facebook group Play Darts Online.

If for some reason, you’re not able to communicate through our messenger platform (Due to some potential error/bug), firstly, we need you to report this Error/bug, by proving a basic description & screenshot to playdartsonline@gmail.com

In this scenario, you may use an alternative communication platform, that works best for both.
Both players need to post their results on our website, through the members area.

1) Login to Play Darts Online account
2) Go to tournaments
3) My matches
4) Play match
5) Start match
6) Insert result
7) Save

LINK: How do I communicate my game results?
Log into the members area, click on the relevant tournament and update your results in the My Matches area, and follow the steps described in point 7. Above.
IMPORTANT NOTE: If you do not follow the minimum criteria shown in the video and in line with the regulation, you will be disqualified!
View the video in the link below.

LINK: How should I setup my camera, during game play?
Keep them for two days after you have both put the results on the website.
If no disputes are lodged during this period period, you can delete the video.