Why Join Play Darts Online!?

So, you might be thinking why should I join play dartsonline, and play your online dart games?

What is the value that play darts online brings, that othersdon’t’ since there are many others doing online tournaments just like playdarts online?

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What Play Darts Online’ s doing!

 In previous blog posts, we gave an overview of what Play Darts Online is about, an overview of the product and what is needed as a whole for players to join the fun, and also explain to you what Play Darts Online actually does differently to others(Competition, so to speak).


Currently, we're working on launching Granboard and expect to have this ready for granboard players, very soon. Potentially in the next week or two, bringing another electronic dartboard brand onto Play Darts Online's platform, for dart players.

You might be thinking, why have Vdarts and Granboard, electronic dartboard brands?

Alternatively, you also might be wondering why does Granboad & Vdarts electronic dartboard tournaments have to be done separately, and not have Vdarts play directly against someone with a VDarts electronic dartboard?

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New Launch Coming Soon – Granboard & Vdarts Compatible

At the moment, the short term strategy at this point forPlay Darts Online, when it comes to the electronic Dartboard tournaments, is currentlyto keep creating simple championship tournaments where Vdarts players (onlyVdarts electronic dartboards is possible currently) can join in, for fun dartsor simply for practise, within 3 predominant vdarts ranking categories (basedon their skill ranking). These 3 categories at the moment are: A, B & C.

Where Vdarts category A is the top ranked dart player, and Cis the lowest based on these 3 categories in itself, specific Vdarts Ranking.We aim to get at least 8 players for each tournament, and those numbers cangrow (8, 16, 32, …)  from time to time,depending on the number of tournaments our current members are involved in ORof course a very busy work schedule; as these factors all play a role when itcomes to maximizing dart tournament numbers as a whole, currently with Vdarts.

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How Play Darts Online Was Born

As we got involved in the Electronic dartboard industry, it became more and more fascinating as to how much of an amazing product & technology is involved and how it keeps evolving as technology does. However, we started to notice that there is an ask for something that doesn’t really exist at a high level.

One of the questions we got often was around tournaments/games, national and International. How can I join a tournament and stand a chance to win prizes, By playing tournaments/games?

This is where Play Darts Online was born.

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How It Works!

In our previous blog post, we talked about what Play Darts Online brings of value to the Electronic dartboard market that others don’t, within the electronic Dartsindustry.

After reading this post, you might be thinking, what and how is the whole darts tournament procedure from a player's perspective, when it comes to joining the different online electronic dartboard tournaments?

How does it work, in further detail?

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